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Who are we..

  • EmbeddedRF Technologies is an organization started by the Alumni of IIT Kharagpur to address the growing need of Practical Education in Electronics. We are group of individuals who have tremendous passion for Electronics. Our core team includes Post-Graduates from IIT Kharagpur and M.Sc graduates in the field of Electronics and RF and Microwave. We have an R and D center in Hyderabad where in we impart quality education to the students in Electronics, Embedded Systems and RF & Microwave


What we do..

We conduct seminars, workshops and take up academic projects in embedded systems and robotics, MATLAB, RF and Microwave. We also conduct training sessions at our R and D Center on Embedded Systems and RF and Microwave. Our Workshops, Which are a blend of Both Theory and Practical sessions are very well received by the students.We are also developing Real-Time products based on Wireless Sensor Networks to suit the needs in Smart Homes.


News and Updates

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"EmbeddedRF is the place of learning the process of learning and you will get the most out of it if you genuinely believe in their process - "Unlearning and Relearning"

Sai Charan

CSE, Sri Indu

"This course is the perfect solution for enthusiastic students who are interested in the field of Electronics .This course would in fact provoke their passion for electronics and henceforth is a gateway for a professional career in the field of electronics."

Vamshi Krishna


"I feel that this course is a prerequisite for all our academics courses. The faculty at EMbeddedRF instigated a deep interest for electronics in me."

N Srikanth

EEE , IIT Kharagpu

"Apart from helping me understand the concepts clearly,this course gave me a deep insight into the wide applications of embedded systems."


Bhoj Reddy college of Engineering